How Helch Left The Queen Upset

The HELCH graffiti is probably a familiar sight among M25 commuters. The graffiti can be seen on many railway bridges, and you have probably noticed some when you head north to Watford. The area right near junction 16 is where you can see a lot of it.

HELCH Graffiti is a Blight

There are people who may think this graffiti is more of a blight than anything. Some might consider it to be vandalism. It even seems the Queen herself might have some thoughts about it.

In fact, it’s said that the Queen wasn’t happy with similar graffiti that was on viaduct. Some sources say the graffiti ruined the view of the castle. This is why she was allegedly not pleased with it.

60 Foot Long HELCH Graffiti

The graffiti reads HELCH, and it is 60 feet long and 10 feet high. It’s written out in serif block letters. Apparently visitors’ views of the castle are spoiled by it.

One news website mentioned that guests brought it to the Queen’s attention. They spotted the painting from Royal Windsor Way. The guests saw it while they were in a carriageway on the way to the castle.

Apparently the Queen wants to see if anything can be done to clean up the graffiti. The same word has been painted around various other parts of the city, and this includes the M25, M4 and the M1. It has also been painted on disused buildings and tube station bridges.

Give Peas a Chance

Gives Peas A Chance was also written near the Gerrads Cross area. However, that has since been painted over. Now HELCH is written right across that. As for who has been doping this, nobody knows.

A spokesperson with Network Rail said that the people responsible for vandalizing the bridge are putting themselves in danger. This is due to trespassing onto the railway. Not only that, but they are endangering the motorists who use the roadways below.

Removing the graffiti needs to be carried out in a way that won’t disrupt road users and rail passengers. Furthermore, removing the paint is difficult, and this is one of the reasons there are currently no plans in place to remove it.

Besides that, over a million dollars each year is spent on efforts removing the graffiti. This is very costly. It could also be another reason why the HELCH graffiti is going to stay for now.

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