Is HELCH An Icon or a Nuisance?

HELCH has already received comparisons to Spiderman and Banksy, bizarrely dubbed a “Remoaner” and recently the Sun stated that they have upset the Queen.

The tag is known as HELCH, the group, woman, or man behind this tag remains unknown and its location is across the walls, buildings, and bridges of London, along with many surrounding areas.

Starting out in South Harrow the previous year and gaining a public reputation when it was painted over the last location of the “Give Peas A Chance” graffiti sprawled over the M24, HELCH was recently dubbed as a “graffiti yob”, by the Sun, as it has supposedly upset the Queen.

HELCH Revealed

There is not much that we know about HELCH at this stage and any claims made about them will not be possible to fact-check until they decide to reveal who they are (you know where to contact me, HELCH).

Many have even started to speculate, in association to the variety of areas that this tag has started popping up, and that it might be an alias for several artists, which is somewhat similar to a conspiracy theory linked to another famous British creative, known as Shakespeare.

One of the sources who has claimed that they have known HELCH since they were children, states that he is a Harrow man, that picked up this nonsensical tag around the age of 10 or 11, where he went into many years of hiding before re-emerging suddenly.

However, this same source would not reveal HELCH’s name – though one name has been revealed.

Vandalism Or Art? What is the Helch Definition

One commentator on the Daily Mail stated that that they had decided that it was a type of attention-seeking “word”, created by a Remoaner kid, which is why he glossed the entire article over. So, we can guess where his opinions lie.

Yet for others, including an unnamed source, seem to think there is some form of artistic merit when it comes to HELCH and they admire what has gone into the work they are doing.

When comparing HELCH’s latest output to previous work, the same source stated that it appeared more artistic along with a very different approach. Others have also made mention of the color usage of the blocky and distinctive font.

HELCH is just one of the artists that have ventured into the graffiti medium regarded as technically illegal.

While comparing them to Banksy is the obvious go-to, the well-known New York artist Basquiat began as only 1 half of a graffiti duo known as SAMO and produced graffiti that most agree are very similar to the output of HELCH today.

Did They Not Ruin “Give Peas A Chance”?

The M25 bridge that has been displaying “Give Peas a Chance” for many years, was changed recently to read “Give HELCH A Chance” – this caused a lot of anger and was lter changed to “Give HELCH a Break”

What Did The Bridge Use To Look Like?

The play on an iconic John Lennon song “Give Peace A Chance” displayed on the Chalfont Viaduct was erased partly and then only painted over. Which means the first erasure might not be linked to the HELCH.

When HELCH first started to make an appearance in Harrow, a few residents came to the theory that the mysterious HELCH might be the person that first did the original “Give Peas A Chance” sign, which may explain as to why they decided to change it a number of years later.

One of these residents stated that some are saying that the artist’s name is Peas, while others are saying it was HELCH all along. At this stage, we are unable to confirm an outright truth.

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