4 Things You Should Know About Helch

After a lot of activity in Harrow, the Helch tag has been put on various other West London areas including Paddington and South Kensington. A Helch has even been seen in Berkshire below Windsor Castle. However, the question we still ask is: what does Helch mean and who is the person who discovered or created it? This article discusses all the information about West Londoner Banksy based on an anonymous source.

Fact #1: Harrow Is Local To Helch

It is not surprising, given the number of tags appearing across Harrow, but our anonymous source reached out to us after a report of the Helch tags in the area. The anonymous source confirms that the artist is from London. Many of the tags seem to be concentrated with South Harrow which may narrow the search for the artist further down the line. A post on #Fixit Harrow – a local Facebook page for Harrow – highlights two large “Helch” tags appearing on a building in the Northolt Road.

So, why is Helch appearing on Harrow buildings in very large letters? Another tag was found in Eastcote Lane on a shutter of an empty store, as well as a tag on the viaduct between Welbeck Road and the market. The post added that the tags were sprayed on using aerosol very quickly; however, the tags in Northolt Road were noted to have taken more time.

Fact #2: The Term Helch Does Not Have Any Definition

Since the Helch tags began appearing, people have been trying to understand the definition of the word. According to The Urban Dictionary, the term “helch” is either a shortening of the phrase “hell yes” or a combination of the term “belch” with “hiccup”. One source stated that the term is only a name that was chosen without any real significance – it’s only a tag.

Fact #3: Helch Was Borne Of Retirement

In accordance with our anonymous source, during his youth Helch was a graffiti artist similar to other children in the area. Back in those years,FAct #4: all people were acting as graffiti artists, but it is not clear how the fashion restarted all these years later. According to the anonymous source, people were surprised to see the graffiti artist because they thought he would have “grown out of it” as an adult. It seems to be more of an artistic pursuit now with a different approach.

Fact #4: Helch Has A Professional Daily Job

While the anonymous source did not reveal what type of work Helch has, he confirmed that the position was a professional one. Irrespective of the job, it is clear that it is one leaving Helch the time to spray the tag in difficult-to-reach and peculiar areas. Due to the tags appearing as far as Windsor, it is possible that the job requires commuting. Further confirmation of the travelling can be seen with the tags sprayed near the Underground stations and railway bridges.


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