Who is the Helch Graffiti Artist?

The author of the giant HELCH tag spray painting near Windsor Castle, Berkshire, is a 27-year old guy, a drug offender who still lives in his mother’s house.

Inspired by Banksy, this individual who upset her Majesty by vandalizing the railway viaduct near the Royal residence has been unveiled in the person of Michael Purdy.

Is Purdy the Helch Graffiti Artist

According to some friends of this graffiti artist, Michael Purdy is the author of all the random appearances of the tag ‘HELCH’ across the country.

Such ‘HELCH’ tags have been spotted on bridges, in tube stations, and on the royal viaduct that cause the Queen to become so upset.

According to a royal source, the Queen ordered to have this horrendous vandalism cleaned up as soon as possible. She wanted her view from the castle to become beautiful again.

Resident of Hayes in West London, the 27 years old Michael Purdy was convicted last year to a two-year prison sentence with suspension. The reason of this conviction was the possession of £1,000 worth of drugs. Apparently, Purdy now has a real job.

No Comment on the Helch Graffiti

He refused to comment when a journalist from MailOnline asked him about this incident. Nevertheless, his mother, Lynn, denied that her son had anything to do with this act of vandalism.

She said that she was pretty sure her son wasn’t this HELCH, even though he might have tried his hand at graffiti in his teenage years. She also saud she didn’t want her son to be involved in such a thing.

However, one of Michael’s former friends said that Michael has been taging since over a decade now and aims to become the next Banksy.

This word was spotted for the first time in Harrow, in September 2018. Other instances have been seen in
Sloans Square, Notting Hill Gate and other such places.

The tag on M25 in Buckinghamshire was covered with a ‘Give Peas A Chance’ mural and replaced with ‘Give Helch A Break’.

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